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The Twisted Rains of Althea: Uram the Wise

Within the city of Althea lies the crime syndicate known as 'The Bastards'. Led by Uram the Wise, they own many establishments within the Southern sector of Althea and continue to grow their influence as time moves on.
The recent string of murders led by the 'Canvas Butcher' has proven fruitful for The Bastards and especially Uram, as many citizens choose to rely on them for protection rather than the City Watch.
Uram himself is not like your typical gang leader. He is intelligent and cunning, and would rather outsmart his enemies than to cause senseless violence. However, this is not to say that Uram does not get his hands dirty.

This is a personal project I am working on for my Noir-themed DnD one shot, named 'The Twisted Rains of Althea'.

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Daniel ang uram faces
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