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MOBA Concept Art: The Beachfront

This series of images was based around designing props and buildings for a fictional MOBA game.

This is the description of the Beachfront:

"The beachfront team will be portrayed as a group of pirates and adventurers that have just arrived at The Glowing Jungle. These pirates are only concerned with the wealth and treasure promised to them from myths, and will not stop until they have it. At their starting base, they will spawn around a small section of beach that is surrounded by rocks. Accompanied by a docked pirate ship for visual interest, their objective is that of a special armoured tent that houses the ship’s captain. Some design elements that will embellish their visual design include things like shipping crates and barrels full of goods, small tents pitched around the beach and pirate-themed creeps. The beachfront team’s towers will also be designed to look like standing cannons."

Daniel ang beachfront ship perspective

Perspective View

Daniel ang beachfront ship designs

Ship Designs #1

Daniel ang beachfront final ship design

Final Ship Design

Daniel ang environment slice

Beach Environment Slice

Daniel ang beachfront towers

Tower Designs/Iterations

Daniel ang beachfront towers final

Tower Fire Animations and Effects

Daniel ang beachfront barracks

Barrack Designs

Daniel ang beachfront nexus designs

Nexus Designs/Iterations

Daniel ang beachfront nexus designs fleshed

Final Nexus Design

Daniel ang beachfront prop designs

Prop Designs

Daniel ang beachfront shop

Shop Designs

Daniel ang beachfront walls

Wall Designs

Daniel ang nature exploration colours

Beach Nature Exploration