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Kylo Ren

It's a few days after May the 4th, but here is some Star Wars fan art.

I imagined that the First Order raided many villages in Kylo's quest for the map to Luke. I did not want the environment to be any of the iconic locations from the Star Wars films, so I came up with my own.

I had fun with this one, and worked on it on-and-off for just over 2 weeks.

Daniel ang kylo fan art v015 final

Final image, with fog and particle effects.

Daniel ang kylo fan art v013

Paint iteration.
I realised at this stage that Kylo Ren has 4 metallic lines on his mask, while I had only painted 3.

Daniel ang kylo fan art v008

Colour and mood blocking.
I used a mixture of overlay and lighten layer styles to achieve the glow effect for the lightsaber and blaster bolt.

Daniel ang kylo fan art v006

Initial Line Sketch.
Originally I wanted the scene to be much more chaotic, with explosions and distant ships locked into a fierce battle, but got rid of it in favour or a quieter, eerier scene.