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The God of Thunder

'The God of Thunder'
After playing God of War, I really wanted to delve deep and design my version of Thor since we never actually see him in-game (disregarding the secret ending).

I wanted to keep his visual design brutal and unrefined, with scuffed leather and tattered metal prevalent on Thor's armour. I also experimented with a gold motif through his design that would call to his Asgardian roots. In addition, I thought it would be fitting if Thor also had tattoos like Baldur, and this led to Thor sporting an ouroboros tattoo (symbolising his acceptance of a destined death by Jörmungandr)

This was an extremely fun project to do and I learned a lot about Norse mythology along the way!
I will also be posting a timelapse of this project soon!

Daniel ang god of thunder v004
Daniel ang colour test

Colour Tests

Daniel ang thubmbnails

Initial concepts