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MOBA Concept Art: The Natives

This is the second base in my MOBA project.
The description of the Natives reads:
"The team that is native to The Glowing Jungle are not formed by a singular race, but rather built from a multicultural society. This influences their starting base, which is made up of both old marble ruins from an ancient race (now extinct) and newer structures they have built containing small embellishments of their own various cultures. This is because many different cultures travelled to the Glowing Jungle not only for its resources, but to seek refuge with ideals of having a safe place for those who would respect the land. The native team’s objective is a sacred temple piece that gives power and life to its surroundings (lore only, not gameplay). Despite their name, the Natives are not a primitive team but rather equally as technologically advanced as the Beachfront team. They have access to higher technology infused with magic, and this will be reflected in their aesthetics."

Daniel ang jungle environment slice

Jungle Environment Slice

Daniel ang dangerous plants

Jungle Plants

Daniel ang natives nexus designs

Nexus Designs/Iteration

Daniel ang natives nexus final design

Final Nexus Design

Daniel ang natives barrack designs

Nexus Barrack Designs

Daniel ang natives barrack final

Final Barrack Design

Daniel ang natives towers

Tower Designs/Iteration

Daniel ang natives towers final

Tower Final Design

Daniel ang natives ideation

Natives Architecture Ideas

Daniel ang natives shop

Shop Design

Daniel ang natives walls

Wall Designs